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What makes Productivity Game summaries unique?

I hand pick the best books on personal productivity and deliver the most important ideas in an entertaining, informative, and actionable manner.

Other book summary sites present an overwhelming amount of ideas out of context, making it hard to understand. Productivity Game summaries avoid the 'fire hose' approach and instead, tell great stories that stick, reveal unexpected findings you won't forget, and include actionable ideas.

Productivity Game summaries don't just increase your knowledge, they make you more effective at work so you can produce results you'll be proud of.

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Senator John Barrasso,M.D.:

The Productivity Game book summaries are entertaining and actionable. Nathan does a great job of explaining a few key takeaways in a short period of time. Nathan’s book reviews reinforce the principles of peak performance and highlight proven techniques to achieve professional success. I always look forward to receiving the next summary from Nathan and applying the lessons to my work.

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